Vision Max Pro Gift and Jewellery machine

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The MAX Pro Engraver was developed to be Vision’s most versatile machine to date, allowing for engraving of flat, deep, round or odd-shaped items in one compact, easy-to-use machine. The system is frequently used as a glass engraving machine, but its automatic surface-sensing feature allows for flat and curved surface engraving on a wide range of other materials as well, such as plastic, brass, coated and non-coated metals, artificial stone, crystal, and more. The system includes Vision’s Auto Laser Layout feature, which sends the engraving area and position directly to the software without measuring


The MAX Pro system offers:

    • • Interchangeable, self-centering vise with tilt for engraving deep, long or odd shaped items
      • Built-in cylindrical feature for engraving round items
      • Self-contained, recirculating water pump for use as a glass engraving machine
      • Red laser pointer for easy job set-ups
      • Limited 2-year warranty
Cylindrical engraving up to a large 12″ (304.8mm) Length 152.4mm diameter
Max Pro self centering vice for engraving small and odd shaped jewellery and gift pieces
This fixture allows you to engrave around the inside and outside of most rings or other cylindrical objects.(Compatible with the MAX and Max Pro.)
Min. Dia: 5/8″ Max Dia: 4″
Multi Mat eliminates the need for double stick tape, clamps, vacuum tables, and most other hold down methods on many engravable items. Multi Mat will hold most types of engraving stock, including brass, aluminum, plastic, and acrylic. Just press it into place on any size engraving table and you’re ready to go, and because Multi Mat is produced with a special rubber coating on both sides, it cleans easily for extended use.
Simply slide the clamp onto the T-slot table surface and position it over the edge of the engraving stock. The downward clamping force eliminates bowing and problems. This clamp can be used with material up to 1/4” thick. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.
This vise is specifically designed for T-slot table users. Its “cam” type locking device allows for quick changing of parts. Supplied with a removable front clamping plate which allows for holding thicker items. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.
The Versa Vise can be used alone or in conjunction with other fixtures to hold a variety of shapes and sizes.
The DIAMOND DRAG ADAPTER screws onto the end of almost any spindle and allows simple & solid mounting for diamond scratch engraving. Spindle bearing strain is totally eliminated using this devices
This is a double-sided fixture that when turned in one direction accommodates a pen and when turned in the other direction accommodates a medallion, seal, or other circular item. With a space for the “eye” of the medallion, this fixture is usable with the Versa Vise or Quick-Lock vise. Fits all Vision T-slot tables.


  • Applications: Glass Engraving, Jewellery, Cylindrical Engraving, Sign making, Jewellery, Medals, Pens, Trophy & Plaques, Parts Marking, Badge Engraving, ADA Braille Signs, Wood, Plastic, Metal, Tag Engraving, Control Panels and more!



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Vision VE 810 S5 Traffolyte Engraving Machine

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The VE 810 S5 Engraver is perfect for users who are new to engraving and seasoned professionals. It has an impressive 203 x 254mm aluminium T-slot table allowing the VE 810 S5 to easily engrave flat items such as tags, small signs, notary seals, knives, lighters, gifts, jewellery, awards, trophy plates, and more. Add in the optional Self-Centering Deep Vice to engrave larger odd shaped items up to 88mm deep. The VE 810 S5 features new V-Touch Technology, adding a multi-functional touch screen and internal memory. This gives the user a more intuitive and faster engraving process. Bringing power to your fingertips V-Touch Technology is exclusive to Vision’s Engraving Systems.

The VE 810 system offers:

    • • NEW V-Touch multi functional touch screen
    • • Includes aluminum T-slot table with 25.4mm spindle clearance
    • • Full-featured front panel with independent Z-Axis and spindle controls
    • • A limited 1-year warranty
      • Ethernet connection

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Gem-RX5 Gift and Ring Engraving Machine


The Perfect Small Retail Engraving Machine

  • The GEM-RX is the next generation of affordable engraving machines from U-MARQ. With a flat engraving area of 160 x 75 mm and 50 mm cylindrical capacity and self-centering vice, it’s perfect for dealing with individual items or production runs.
  • Combining flat bed and cylindrical engraving has never been achieved in a computerised engraving machine of this size and quality before.
  • The U-MARQ Gem-RX is the fastest and easiest gift and jewellery, 4-axes mechanical engraver in the World.
  • The GEM was the first truly versatile, small, affordable engraver to suit any budget. The GEM-RX continues in this tradition..
  • The GEM-RX comes with self-centering vice, jigs for holding a wide variety of merchandise (trophy plates, lighters, hand bag mirrors, pet tags etc.). With the cylindrical axis you are able to engrave 360° round a pen or shot glass.
  • The high-speed spindle motor enables you to burnish in coated metals as well as deep engraving in to plastics and some metals. Ease of use enables everyone to engraving gifts, rings and jewellery to a professional standard, after just a short introduction.
  • The GEM-RX software has been configured to make these normally complicated tasks easy to use for
    spectacular results


One of the challenges for a traditional 3-axis machine is how to engrave a pen, or other round objects. The U-MARQ GEM-RX offers the perfect answer, by using true 4-axis functionality; it will engrave 360 degrees around a pen or other small cylindrical objects. The GEM 8 software has been configured to make this normally complicated task, easy to use to get spectacular results.


Pet Tags


The GEM-RX is ideal for engraving Pet Tags quickly and efficiently with template for all U-MARQ Pet Tags, (much higher quality than most) and other makes. Why be restricted to text, with the GEM-RX you can engrave any type of graphic images, logos its only limit is your imagination.



Inside / Outside Rings
By fitting the U-MARQ optional Inside/Outside Ring Engraving attachment, your GEM-RX is turned into a
fully features jewellery engraving centre with virtually no limits.

The wide range of push-fit jigs quickly clamp many items, including; scrolls, medals, cufflinks, watches,
trophy plates, pet and ID tags, rings, bracelets, clocks, pendants, baby gifts, key fobs, lighters, and other
items. With unique pressure settings, even fine gold lockets can be engraved without fear of damage.


Compatible with Windows XP (sp3), Vista and Windows 7, 8 & 10


Price: £4250.00 plus VAT and shipping

(training can be provided at an additional cost)



Finance and Rental is available on this machine –

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