Part Exchange Engraving Machines and Laser Machines


Here at UKE we offer an excellent Part Exchange service that allows you to trade in your old engraving or laser machines and equipment against the cost of new gear or simply to sell for cash!!

We will look to Part Exchange and buy most engraving related equipment. So whether you have old machines, that you no longer want, you can trade it in for something you DO want! If not we can simply buy your items for an agreed price.

Simply give us a call on 01932 855133 or use the contact form to tell us what you’ve got and what you want and we will work out a deal that’s right for you!

As soon as your unwanted equipment is with us we will check the condition of the item (this may be at your premises) to ensure they are as agreed, arrange for you to make payment minus the agreed part exchange price (if offered on a Part Exchange) and then ship out your shiny new machine.

For more information call 01932 855133

All Engraving software upgrades and crossgrades


Whether you need to update your software to add more features, or you are upgrading your computer and older versions are not compatible, we at UKE can upgrade all Cadlink manufactured software including Engravelab and Signlab.

All versions of Engravelab and other Cadlink manufactured software can be upgraded to the very latest version of Engravelab or Signlab for a fraction of the RRP.


For all prices please contact us on alternatively please call 01932 855 133

Versions of Engravelab available for Upgrade:

  • Engravelab 4.95 *
  • Engravelab 5 *
  • Engravelab 6*
  • Engravelab 7
  • Engravelab 8

Versions of software available for Crossgrade:

UKE can crossgrade from one software to the latest Engravelab 9 for a discounted price.  Engravelab 9 has drivers for sublimation printers, vinyl cutters, engraving machines and CNC machines. To find out if your machine has a driver available please contact us at

So much more than great software. Buy EngraveLab and get….

Free getting started session. Our new customers qualify for a free one-hour “startup session” with one of our friendly CADlink technical support team members.  At your convenience schedule an actual “electronic” training session. Our support team can actually access your computer workstation remotely to walk you through any questions you may have.

Access to free online video’s. Easy to search, quick to view, learn all about all of the tools in our software. Instant access to the CADlink worldwide user community 24/7.

Use the online forum located within infoSource and share information with our worldwide software user community. Learn all of the tips and tricks from people who, like you, use our software daily.


Benefits of Engravelab | Why Engravelab 9 should make your upgrade decision even easier.

1. Maximize the value of your software investment. You’ve paid for the software, why not use every tool within it?
2. Software “tips and tricks” make you more efficient. Learn not only how to use the tools but how to use them easily and quickly.
3. Let UKE train your staff. Tired of training new staff?  Let UKE help, simply point them in our direction.
4. Ever get the feeling that the software company you deal with is ignoring you? No UKE competitors offer this type of premium customer service.


* Will require a new USB dongle

Traffolyte Engraving Cutters and Diamonds


Engraving Cutters and Diamonds starting from as little £18.30 per cutter, only this type of cutter comes with a MicroEdge® finish to provide cleaner cuts and longer tool life. We also offer a fantastic cutter re-grinding service for as little as £2.75 per cutter.

Engraving Cutters Prices

Part-No. Description Cut Angle Material Price
xen C1F000 AC-125 1/8″ x 4 1/2″ (3.17 x 114mm) solid carbide
Plastics £        18.30
xen C1B000 AC-125 1/8″ x 4 1/2″ (3.17 x 114mm) solid carbide
Metals £        18.30
xen C2XL AC-177 11/64″ x 7″ (4.36 x 177mm) carbide tipped
Plastics £        19.95
xen C2XL AC-177 11/64″ x 7″ (4.36 x 177mm) carbide tipped
Metals £        19.95
xen C3F000 AC-257 1/4″ x 7″ (6.36 x 177mm) carbide tipped
Plastics £        23.95
xen C3B000 AC-257 1/4″ x 7″ (6.36 x 177mm) carbide tipped
Metals £        23.95

Diamond Tools

Part-No. Description Cut Angle Material Price
xen DG1254 1/8″ x 5″ (3.17 x 127mm) diamond 120 Metals  £        25.50
xen DG171 11/64″ x 7″ (4.36 x 177mm) diamond 120 Metals  £        34.95
xen DG250 1/4″ x 7″ (6.35 x 177mm) diamond 120 Metals  £        34.95
xen DR125P 1/8″ x 5″ (3.17 x 127mm) rotating  Pen diamond facetted Glass  £        76.60
xen DR171P 11/64″ x 7″ (4.36 x 177mm) rotating Pen diamond facetted Glass  £        54.95
xen DR250P 1/4″ x 7″ (6.35 x 177mm) rotating Pen diamond facetted Glass  £        54.95

If the cutters you want are not here, please contact us here

Bring back to life your old cutters, with our dedicated cutter regrind service, starting from £2.75 per cutter. The chart below shows typical cutter widths.

For more information please go to our dedicated Cutters page.