High Speed Series 5 Controller with V-Touch Pendant

Vision’s NEW Series 5 Controller with V-Touch Pendant puts power at your finger tips! Enhanced electronics allows for faster speeds, better accuracy and a more intuitive engraving experience. It’s most noticeable feature is the included multi-functional V-Touch Pendant! With it’s advanced touch screen and menu, the V-Touch Pendant will only show you the available options for the current stage of your project. Simplifying machine operation for a faster process and ease of use.

The Series 5 Controller Offers:

    • • V-Touch pendant with large touch screen display included
    • • Adjustable table speed, Z axis speed and dwell
    • • HPGL/2 and G code compatible
    • • Programmable defaults and re-engrave from any position in the job
    • • Open architecture
    • • 3-D and 2 ½-D capable
    • • Optional 4th axis control for rotary attachment
    • • Software upgradeable by ethernet connection
    • • X, Y, and Z axis positional display for easy offsets
        Works directly with Vision Software, SignLAB™, EngraveLAB™, Enroute™, Type 3™ and other software


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