Xenetech 912 Traffolyte Engraving Machine

The Xenetech Viper 912 has a 9” by 12” (228.6 mm by 304.8 mm) engraving area and is an entry level rotary engraving system designed primarily for traffolyte engraving,  engraving signs, nametags, trophy plate, awards, small jewellery items, identification plates and small panel faces.

The system contains Xenetech’s automatic surface sensing capability that allows for flat and curved surface engraving on various materials including plastic, brass and aluminium.


The Viper Electronics connect via Ethernet connection. This type of connection will allow you to download jobs from multiple computers on your local network straight to the machine. The jobs can be easily downloaded to a job queue and recalled by the engraving system operator. This feature alone can make your work orders flow more efficiently. You can also recall previously engraved jobs from the touch screen and you can be away from the machine but still check via the network where the machine is engraved up to.Job preview at the Viper Color Touch screen allows the end user to check their job before engraving.Up to 4 offsets can be saved at the Touch screen. This allows you to save and load offsets for vises or special fixtures. The easy jogging and micro-jogging features on the touch screen allow you to set permanent or temporary home positions accurately and efficiently.

Compatible with Windows XP (sp3), Vista and Windows 7



Finance and Rental is available on this machine – http://www.ukengravingservices.co.uk/finance-rentals

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